Canine Play

 with Sheila Harper (UK)

14 – 15 September 2019 2651 Reichenau / Rax NÖ, Österreich

Cost: €269.- inclusive of lunch and light refreshments


Special offer!

Early bookings: €249 inclusive of lunch & light refreshments

(when booked and paid in full by 31 July 2019)

Current / past students of IPACS 1, IPACS 2 and ISPACS: €239)


Canine play is something that we frequently witness, but which is commonly misunderstood. Sheila will help you to better understand canine play behaviour and what is really going on.


This course will enable you to look at play behaviour in a new light. There will be discussion of different types of play, looking at how play is used and many of the factors influencing it.  


You will be guided through a range of video footage to encourage you to truly understand what you are looking at. This will also include analysis of body language and stress levels during play. You will learn how to identify good, social play, and how to recognise inappropriate interactions.


We will discuss intervention: how to recognise whether to intervene, and the importance of timing this correctly, along with methods of intervention.


This seminar will be professionally translated.


Join Sheila for an informative and visual journey through the world of Canine Play.

This seminar will be held at the Flackl Wirt hotel. Overnight accommodation at this hotel is available if booked well in advance, with prices ranging from €54 to €100 per night 
Please book direct with the hotel, stating that you are attending this seminar. 
Contact:,,Flackl-Wirt,Hinterleiten 12,2651 Reichenau / Rax NÖ
Telephone: 0043 26 66- 52 291

About Sheila

Since taking on her first rescue dog with dog to dog and dog to human aggression, Sheila has lived and worked with a wide variety of challenging dogs. Much of Sheila’s knowledge has come through observing interactions of the dogs she has lived with, learning how they gain skills to face such challenges as resolving conflicts themselves. 


Rather than focussing on teaching problem dogs to obey commands, she helps to teach them Real Life Skills, skills they can apply and adapt to any situation, where they can gain maturity and responsibility. In all aspects, the physical and mental well-being of the animal is of paramount importance 


Sheila regularly teaches throughout Europe and has also worked in the USA and New Zealand.  Over the last 20 years Sheila has found herself becoming increasingly involved in health aspects including Applied Zoopharmacognosy, nutrition and complementary therapies.